Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue Plate Monday

Hey again. Glad the weekend is over. We had a tough weekend here. My oldest soon was hit in the head with a baseball bat at our youngest sons t-ball game. He is ok. No serious injury and he does have a knot on the outside (very good sign, at least the knot did not go in), but it was a scary thing for me, as his mom. I do not think I have gotten any sleep worring about him.
Well anyway, this weeks recipe for the Blue Plate Monday (hosted by I have a CHOCOLATE PIE that can be made "light" or "full sugar". This is so easy to make and is made quickly.
All you need is a large box of Chocolate pudding mix (and the milk according to the box) and a already made graham cookie pie crust. After you make the pudding according to the box, you pour it into the pie shell and chill for a couple of hours and then eat. You can add whip topping to the top but my kids just love it without. If made with the sugar free, you want feel so bad eatting it. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!
See y'all later


  1. Glad your son is all right! How scary, indeed!
    Yummy pie recipe. Thanks!

  2. I'll have to try this quick pie out. I'm sure one can never go wrong if it involves chocolate pudding. Glad to hear your son is doing okay. That would be extremely terrifying.