Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Household Notebook

Being a busy mom can sometimes cause me to forget a lot of things. I call it pregnant brain that has never went away.... To help me with things to remember, I have a 3 ring notebookwith everything in it that I could possible need to get in a hurry. It is a very simple thing to do and it could help husbands during those times that mom is sick or away (which hardly has a chance to happen here. I am still waiting on my "sick" days and "vacation" days). But, if something were to happen my husband knows that this notebook has every piece of info that he would need to "carry" the family until I was back to running this well oilled machine.
In the notebook I have divided it up with simple tabbed dividers into these catagories..
Bill- in this section I have a chart of the monthly bills and a section that has the date it is paid.
Budget This is where our household budget table is.
Important Phone Numbers Just the numbers that I would need at moments notice.
Family Medical Info There is a health info form for each person that list meds, doctors numbers, and any allergies or surgeries.
Birthday and Anniversary List
Misc. This tab has any info I need without having to search for it. Mine currently has a page of room paint colors (we are currently trying to paint the rooms in the house and I have a page that list the paint color, room, and where the paint is bought from).
Website info This contains websites that I visit on a regular basis with the password and user ids on it. Like I said my memory is very little....
PaperThis tab has notebook paper for emergency doodling...
I hope that this will help someone. It doesn't have to be nice just a notebook that keeps everything handy and easy for someone else to grab and take over the family if needed. It is a manual for the running of our home. This is my frugal way of doing this instead of having to buy one of those "too nice to write in" fancy books with dividers in it that I do not need.
If you have a family notebook I would love for you to share your ideas.

See ya'll later

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  1. I am absolutely going to do this. I try to be super-brain and remember everything, uncluding bills and I stink at it..I forgot so many bills and get them so close to being late just out of sheer business...I need a good organized space to remind me. Consider this idea STOLEN!! :)