Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California

I just have to give props to Miss California. I did not watch the Miss USA pageant (I am not a fan of the Miss USA organization), but I did catch her on the Today Show. I am glad she stood up for her faith values. I think that took a lot of courage and faith to step on that limb. I am a conservative Christian and believe the same way she said it. I do believe that the sacred commitment of marriage should only be between a man and a woman. So many times people in competitions of that nature are "coached" to say what will get the most votes and she believed her faith was more important than the "earthly" crown she might have own.
She may not have won a crown on this earth but I can tell you she knows her real crown awaits her in Heaven..... That is what it all comes down too. I love to iron and when I do, it reminds me that in this world everybody has their wrinkles and our God is such a loving God that he forgives us of our "wrinkles". One day we will get to Heaven and no one will have the wrinkles of our life. God presses us new and the wrinkles fad away. My only goal on this earth is to be a servant through the Lord and tell about his everlasting love for all of us (our wrinkles and all).
So, with all that venting over, I stand and applaud Miss California for saying it like it is...
See y'all later.

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