Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tips

My Tuesday tip for today is homemade cleaners. I found a website (www.organizedhome.com) that has great natural homemade cleaners. These are great if you want a nice clean house but want to stay on a budget. I mop my floors with a vineagar and water solution. I have done this for years. It does not smell and does just as good as a nice mopping liquid. It is also better for my kids than any harmful other stuff. I am not a "treehugger", but I do watch out for my childrens health.
This site had a lot of great cleaner recipes. Having 2 or 3 natural products that are in your home beats having to spend a fortune on different products. Natural cleaners are great for budget, take up less space (less other cleaning products), and do not harm the kids or animals.
Leave a comment if you have a natural cleaning recipe and I would love to try it.
Talk at ya later

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