Monday, June 15, 2009

We're back!

We just got back this weekend from our week long first trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!! We absolutely loved it. We took our pirates (ages 8 and 5) and our little princess (age 3). To see the look on their faces was our dream come true as parents. It was a week we will never forget. Not only was the trip to Disney World memorable but me and the boys ended up getting sick the first part of the week. We have numerous pictures of the boys and I looking almost dead. We added in "rest"days so I am so glad we did.

I will add pictures up today after I tackle the mountain of laundry that still needs to be done and play catch up on the week of mail and bills.....

Our favorite place for character dining had to be 1900 Park Fare inside the Grand Floridian...... It was unbelievable. The meal was with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the step mother, and the step sisters. They were all just great and each one played the part so well. My favorite was Anastasia (one of the step sisters). She would go around screaming "I want my prince, where is my prince". They were all delightful and the kids (including the boys) just loved it.
Disney is truely the place where "Dreams come true". Scott and I both got a little weepy eyed when we left Magic Kingdom the last day. Just to know that we had taken our kids (especially our little princess) to see the castle was a moment I will never forget.

I recommend anyone with children to save money, do yard sales, whatever you have to do to take your children there at least one time.

We are already planning our next Disney vacation in 4 years. We did not even get to do a lot of the stuff. You really need at least 2 weeks to do all the parks, water parks, and add in rest day (trust me ya'll will need the rest days).

My suggestion for anyone planning a trip to Disney (whether soon or anytime in the next few years), you need to do research, make dinning reservations and plan, plan, and plan.... Luckly someone told me to make reservations for dinning in advance. You can make them 45 days ahead and you better because you would be surprised at how fast the character meals get booked. A trip to Disney takes a lot of preparation and planning but it is all worth it when you get there and all the hard leg work is done. We heard some people talk and they thought they could just come and just walk right in to the dinning places for character meals and you can NOT!!! The character meals are so worth it!!!!!!!! The planning and research made us feel like Disney pros. I have so many suggestions for planning, meals, and websites if anyone needs good preparation material. I will be glad to share all that I know to make it a magical adventure for you and your family.

The characters come to each table and sign books and take pictures with the children. I even had mine made with Prince Charming (my second prince charming if my dear husband is reading this, Scott you will always be my first prince charming). He paid for the vacation so I best be nice.

All I can say is Disney was great and my husband wants to go back right now with the kids. The 10 hour drive back is what killed me.......
See y'all later.

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  1. Glad yall had fun and made there and back safely! I definitely need to see pictures!! :)